Friday, October 23, 2009

Attention All! (An into to

I had an amazing chat with my professor today, funny how life happens. I was running late and almost didn't go to class because I HATE going to class late, I walk in and there sits my professor, reading a book without a class. I thought maybe the class had gone out for some "hands on" work since it is, after all, a reporting class. Turns out that no one else had shown up today. I sit down to wait it out until he tells me I can leave.

After a few seconds of sitting awkwardly while he read his book he puts it down and starts asking how my semester is going and about my classes and then came the dreaded question: what are your plans after graduation, what kind of writing do you want to do?

So I explain my dream of having my own column and wanting to write, what I found out is called observational reporting. He gets a grin on his face and proceeds to offer me pearls of wisdom from his time in the business and tips how to get where I want to get. He asked if I had a blog and when I told him about this one and the pitiful four or five posts on it he urged me to start writing regularly and make it an out of class assignment for myself so I can get used to a non-reporting style of writing.

I left that class room today feeling the passion for writing I've lost this last semester, I haven't been this excited about my career since I first changed my major, this is an amazing feeling! He made me want to write again, he let me know he cares, he showed me that someone on this campus believes in me. Words can't describe how grateful I am to him for this feeling I have today, but maybe actions can.

I have created another blog, dedicated to practicing for my life goal. At least once a week, ideally twice a week, I will write about whatever moves me. I hope you'll follow that blog too and give me feedback. Here's the link, , if you have a free minute ever please check in. I'm so excited about this new project! For the first time in months I feel like I can do this, I am truly excited for this!


  1. So are you going to keep posting on this blog, or should I only follow the other one?

  2. Yay, Kate!! Woot for having a creative outlet!! Sheesh, I'm nowhere NEAR pursuing a reporting career, but after reading this blog, I really wanted to!!

    BUT, I won't. I'll keep that as a "Kate" thing. But I'm with you on the blogging! YAY YAY!!